Thursday, 17 June 2021

The right to life, health and all things good.


One thing is super clear, every one loves good things however goods things just don't happen. When they do happen ,its because the laws of motion have been applied to it .Newton was very kind to provide those postulation that has shown light on lots of things. Newtons law of Motion has guided  and demystified many seemingly random occurrences unravel. Newton  is not the subject of discussion but i am just borrowing something from Mr Newton ,his laws.

Newton's first law states that, if a body is at rest or moving at a constant speed in a straight line, it will remain at rest or keep moving in a straight line at constant speed unless it is acted upon by a force. This postulate is known as the law of inertia. 

The right to life and good living can be viewed from different angles the lens  I am applying is that of the environment. The environment we live in is our own natural habitat where most of our interaction occur .We practically do everything in our physical environment but unfortunately we do not really love our habitat. We maltreat it and misuse it and abuse it.

The basis of environmental policy in Nigeria is contained in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Pursuant to section 20 of the Constitution, the State is empowered to protect and improve the environment and safeguard the water, air and land, forest and wildlife of Nigeria

The environment has not being left orphan but defenders have risen: the knights and ladies of the order of flora and fauna. The enforcers of Newtons Law no 1 will stop the constant abuse of the environment by applying a force.. The force of love, reason, law ,policy to protect this fragile victim from its enemies.

The order has different level of membership and hierarchy some lead on the field ,some lead in the creeks and some tell ,document and publish their stories.

Wikipedia documents the  exploits of the defender of the environments the heroes and heroines of the cause.

Facilitators in the just concluded Wiki for Human Rights
L-R Kayode Yusuf ,Gbemisola Esho,Euphemia Uwandu,James Popoola,Omolayo Ogunsiji ,Executive Director, Wikimedia Nigeria Foundation Inc

Ayokanmi Oyeyemi facilitating and engaging participants on the use of Wikipedia to tell the stories of the environmental heroes.The use,rules  and impact of their stories are read worldwide as'' Wikipedia is the Wikimedia projects combined received roughly 7,000,000,000+ (more than seven billion) visits in that month. This results in an average view rate of more than 2500 Wikimedia pages per second, 24 hours per day''

Some participants in the concluded Wiki for Human Rights. Articles were created and improved on Wikipedia telling the story of their work in defending the environment.

Special Guest and Environmental Activist Olumide Idowu elaborating on a point.

It was not all work and no play as some Wikipedians went on to celebrate in the "Right Environment"

Gbemisola Esho at Lekki Conservation Trail Level4 .

Euphemia Uwandu (Project Lead) on the Trial as she poses for picture

James Poopola  beaming into the camera after a hard days job of speaking.

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Set and achieve your financial goals.

  I started with a great job where I  was well paid but I found out each month I  just couldn't wait for payday to come  because I was already out of cash.😓 Most people believe to live a great life you need tons of money. Setting goals  for life  and living a simple step to achieving financial freedom. 

That sounds simple doesn't it? Why then do we seem to miss it?

That's because it all comes to a simple thing have a plan then you write it down.

First things first for financial freedom is to develop a freedom plan  by writing down.

Write it Down

The process of writing down helps in financial planning to gain freedom that is because it is documented for you to see it and clear to conceive. It is a constant reminder of what things could be if just had some financial discipline.

Make them SMART






This will help to streamline to the particular thing you should watch per time  no ambiguity.Yo need to create metrics to watch eg Outflow against inflow. Knowing fully well that if the former exceeds the latter there is bound to be more Paycheck to Paycheck living.

Create a Budget

You know your present income and expenses ,you will then create a workable budget for this dividing it  up prioritizing most important to least important. Its also important to save despite the budget.
This may involve some lifestyle changes to stay within the budget and adjusting some habits.

Track your expenses

This will help you see where your money is going and measure level of importance and priority so can cut down on expenses that unnecessary and debarring your moving to financial freedom. This helps with controlling costs, see what and how you are spending your money. 

They are daily markers showing if you are above or under your monthly budget 

Name your money 

Never leave any unaccounted sum of money lying loosely around this encourages abuse and spend on impulse. Let everything be accounted for so that if misappropriate you feel the pinch and adjust next time. Assign your money with a function. Leave no idle money lying around .
Make your money work for you and send it on errands .Just watch it

Invest your money

This is simply keeping your money in other places apart from your bank account and growing it. There different ways you can invest your money, different vehicles you can use.
You can try the piggy bank approach first or beyond look for a portfolio manager, you can invest in  real estates, invest in bitcoin, invest in cryptocurrency, invest in stocks, invest in gold, invest in forex.

Tie it to a project

It is nice to save and invest money but surely that cant be done for the sake of it .Separate the  money for a purpose tie to a project .Give yourself a target  to reach for example Set a target of amount X on day Y  .
There is always a feeling of accomplishment when you are able to achieve a task you set out for yourself and when you hit your goals. YES?

 Have Goal terms 

Divide or categorize your goals ,you you could set them up as short, medium, long term goals keeping your eyes on the ball always. Working towards something helps curb excessive spending and if unexpected expenses sprout up you will not be able to meet obligations.
Proper financial planning is all about goal setting terms so you will know what your financial position and standing is per time and what to do plan better financially

Sunday, 14 February 2021

Nigerian Cuisine :Stay healthy,Eat healthy.

Healthy eating is all about balance. A balanced diet contains nutrients, vitamins and all the goodness the body needs.
Getting your nutrition right can never be overemphasized .
You may have wondered how you could make this happen. Kelamasu is making it happen offering healthy wholesome food and making earn an income as well right from your kitchen
Introducing from Kitchen to Market
Come and learn how to make dry food productions. 

Thursday, 10 December 2020

To stone age or Tech age?The war on Technology in Katsina State


The evolution of Technology


The  World was taken by surprise when a little outbreak from the Village of Wuhan spread to become a Worldwide Pandemic.Little was known about this new threat save than it was  in the family of the SARS virus. Almost all activity around the world of Commerce,Business,Politics ,Education where shut down .Only essentials prevailed and it had to be absolute.Technology is used for communication and it speeds up a lot of processes.

Everyone moved online and digital businesses where done on Websites,Ecommerce,Socialmedia and was education for poor underdeveloped countries especially Radio and Whatsapp.Technology is not useful in itself but its application.

                                                  Source;Education Developmnet Centre

The Government of Katsina in Nigeria has issued  the ban of Whatsapp their reasons are it is a catalyst that speeds up schism amongst teachers in public school as a result to make and end of this the use of it is banned.A circular released says that it encourages insurbodination as a result as been outlawed.

                                              Children learning with Technology
                                              Source:World Bank Blog

The memo dated 7th December signed by Muhammad Dikko of the Education Ministry  had underlined the consequences of using the application in very strong terms to flouters,He highlighted the  need for Heads of school to remind the staff of the clampdown on anyone who used Socialmedia to critize the Government by the Ministry.

The HDI index has Nigeria rated low one of the contributing factor is Education.The vehicle that speed up communication and education is Technology.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

I8 years later ,Victory a Supreme court order yet ....

In the rain and shine,the men in red sit,walk and sleep quietly most of the time around a conspicuous building at the corner piece of Bishop Aboyade Cole.They have decided  that they will remain where they are till they get what is due and should have accrued to them..The men in red where once staff of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited but were sacked unceremoniously 18 years ago .

There the journey began from the Magistrate Court the plaintiffs winning all the way to the Supreme Court and men and family thought the victory had come finally  on the 20th of April 2018 but to their surprise this has not happened as the court order has been dismissed and not obeyed.The men in red then decided to camp outside  till it is obeyed defying all odds to do this.

The men  try and enjoy the "suffering" creating fun out of the precarious situation they have experienced for almost two decades.The gist of the story is this.
The men in red were employed as security personnel by Mobil  Producing Nigeria Unlimited for operation in Lagos in response to an advert sent out by Mobil.
They were taken through a comprehensive recruitment process as full staff of Mobil and employed.

Years later they were told to go for a course with the Nigerian Police .It was a basic guard training  fully funded by Mobil which lasted for 3-4 months and when they came back were christened Supernumerary Policemen SPY and handed Police Uniforms.
there the journey began .
Some internal issues unfolded and Mobil let go of the "SPY"policemen 860 of them unceremoniously.When the decision was appealed by the affected they were referred to the Police as they are their employers who in turn rejected ownership of them .

It erupted into a legal tussle starting  from the  lowest court Magistrate and the men in red winning till an appeal was made by Mobil Producing Nigeria appeal marked SC/33/2010 against the 2009 court of appeal judgement which was  unanimous in nature  which upheld that they were staff of the oil corporation.

The supreme Court ruled in  favour of the plaintiff and was delivered by the lead Justice of the Supreme Court Justice Iyang Okoro (JSC) who upheld the appeals court decision the summary of the facts is that the 1st to 15 respondents  who were led by Okon Johnson were employed by the appellant as supernumerary Police officers and issued appointment letters ;they were staff of Mobil and should be accorded all benefits.
They were therefore ordered to re-engage them and pay all outstanding owed allowances and salaries inclusive.

According to the Supreme Court judge the plaintiffs where employed as SPY and issued letters of appointment and they tried to offload them to the Nigerian police.the court upheld  the argument by the "SPY"policemen that they were staff of Mobil Nigeria Unlimited.
This was due to evidence presented showing the mode of appointment used by Mobil was not in compliance with the Police act which required any person or persons who require the service of Policemen must write to the  Inspector general of Police IGP and the process follow was the IGP requests for and goes on to receive clearance from the President of the Country.

When the clearance goes through the IGP is authourised by Police Council to direct the Police service Commision(PSC) to appoint who in return appoint and post to any establishment that requires them but that was not in the case of Mobil Nigeria Unlimited so the appeal was dismissed as it lacked merit.  

The court ruling has been disregarded and not enforced and the victory in Supreme court trivialized and the men are camped outside Mobil HQ in Lagos and Eket fighting for justice and their entittlement continue this civil disobedience .The Supreme Court the highest court in the land gave an order months after there is a non compliance by Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited who had tried to offload their staff to the Nigerian Police

Mobil facility in Eket also have the men causing civil disturbance in administrative Office

The right to life, health and all things good.

  One thing is super clear, every one loves good things however goods things just don't happen. When they do happen ,its because the law...